Children save lost toddler from drowning

CREATED Jul 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 5, 2013

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WEST ALLIS - A toddler is recovering after a close call with drowning Friday afternoon at a pool in Greenfield Park.

The two-year-old was plucked from the pool by a lifeguard after two children discovered the little girl floating nearly lifeless in three feet of water.

"Once I saw how purple she was, I thought something was wrong," said Mariela Rivera, mother of one of the girls who called for help.

Rivera's daughter was swimming with a friend when they felt something bump into them.

It was the two-year-old floating face-up and faintly crying.

Rivera's daughter called help when it was clear the child was in distress.

The family then got the attention of a lifeguard who began resuscitation on the limp little girl.

"She was throwing up water," Rivera said. "She must have swallowed a lot."

West Allis Fire Department responded to the pool and transported the toddler to Children's Hospital.

A spokesperson for the Fire Department described the child's injuries as non-life threatening.

Rivera feared the two-year-old would have drowned had her daughter not sprang into action.

"She would have died," she said.

"Definitely she would have drowned. It's just sad, but thank God we were there to help her."