Fewer deaths on Wisconsin highways

CREATED Jul 4, 2013

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Fewer people are dying on Wisconsin highways this year. That's good timing as driver's hit the road for the busy summer travel season.

Traffic deaths are down 15% this year compared to the same period last year.

But the state highway patrol feels fewer people would have died if they were wearing seat belts.

There are still lots of crashes on highways. This Fourth of July rollover crash in Dane County injured six children and one adult.

In June two people died in this horrific three vehicle crash on Highway 33 in Dodge County.

"So far the 4th of July has been very smooth," said State Trooper Nick Richards.

He's is keeping a close eye on I-94 in Kenosha County this holiday weekend.

Last month was the 9th safest month of June since 1946, 58 people died.

224 people have died as of June 30, that's 40 fewer than this time last year and below the five-year average.

Even though there are fewer traffic deaths this year it doesn't mean less work for state troopers. In fact they are stepping up their game as we approach the Fourth of July and summer travel season.

"Yes, we are still out there stopping cars for violations and going
to crashes." said Trooper Richards.

Getting more people to wear seat belts is still a priority - Wisconsin ranks below the national average for buckling up. So why the drop in fatalities?

"I think it's generally people being more conscious when they are
on the road," said Trooper Richards

But the Dodge County Sheriff feels just the opposite is happening in her county. She's calling on drivers to be more attentive and to make sure all kids are in safety seats and buckled up.