Fog disappoints Milwaukee fireworks show

CREATED Jul 4, 2013

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  • People passing by TODAY'S TMJ4's Shannon Sims said "why are they continuing to shoot off the fireworks?" and "this is the worst firework show ever!"

  • Phillip Wade from Greenfield is flying the Navy Seabees flag with his new Old Glory. His son is a member of the Seabees.

MILWAUKEE - Many people will be talking about what a disappointment Wednesday night's big fireworks show turned out to be, because of fog.

Tens of thousands braved the rain only to have the fog roll in about 20 minutes into the show. Many ended up packing up and leaving because it was hard to even see the fireworks show. Some of those people had been there for days.

Cleaning up after that many people is always a huge job.

Thousands of people brought tents, barbeques, and food. And of course, they also brought their trash.

The Wings Kite Shack was trying to keep the trash situation under control. The store owner handed out trash bags to keep the park clean. But, because of the weather some campers used it for something else.

“I have a feeling from what I've heard that some people are wearing our garbage bags as rain ponchos," said owner Scott Fischer.

The lakefront should be clean just in time for family celebrations Thursday.