Gov. Walker: 'A great city doesn't come from putting a wall up'

CREATED Jul 3, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Governor Scott Walker signed the state budget on Sunday, and joined Daybreak to talk about the current state of affairs in Wisconsin.

One of the laws the governor signed was the residency rule, which mostly removed any residency requirements for employees of Milwaukee.

Tuesday, Milwaukee's Common Council said they'll ignore the ban on residency requirements, and take them to court. Gov. Walker said the rule is meant to help cities, and in Milwaukee’s case, gain more qualified applicants at places like Milwaukee Public Schools.

“The biggest benefit for this is MPS,” he said. “Even back when I was in the state legislature, MPS has a challenge just about every year getting enough qualified teachers, in part because of the residency requirement. We want to make sure our schools have as much chance to success as possible.”

The residency requirement not only allows teachers to move out of city limits, but allows other city employees to move out as well.

“A great city doesn’t come from putting a wall up,” Gov. Walker said. “A great city comes from great schools, from good safe communities, neighborhoods, and ultimately a good economy.”

Milwaukee Fire and Police employees are allowed to move out of Milwaukee, but must remain within 15 miles of the city.

As for rumors of a presidential run in 2016, Gov. Walker mostly sidestepped the question. When asked if he was laying the groundwork for a run, he answered only, “If I did that I would spend a lot more time in Iowa and New Hampshire, I’ve been there once in the last year.”

Gov. Walker also opened about school vouchers and jobs, and believes Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.