Firefighter killed in Arizona had pregnant fiancée‎ from Racine

CREATED Jul 1, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 1, 2013

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RACINE -- The Arizona wildfire that has killed 19 firefighters is causing pain here in Wisconsin.

Anthony Rose is one of the firefighters who lost his life.

His fiancee' Tiffany Hettrick grew up in Racine. The couple is expecting their first child this fall.

Theresa (Tracy) Mooney is Hettrick's mother. She said she received a call from her daughter Sunday night, her future son-in-law had died.

Mooney was driving to Chicago Monday to catch a flight to Arizona.

She said she doesn't have many details, but she's more concerned about her daughter's well being along with the families touched by this tragedy.

She said,  "I just pray for all of them that are going through this, it's a hard time for everybody."

Mooney was scheduled to arrive in Arizona late Monday night.

You can listen to John Mercure and Erik Bilstad's interview with Theresa (Tracy) Mooney from Wisconsin's Afternoon News.