Milwaukee burger named one of best in the country

CREATED Jul 1, 2013 - UPDATED: Jul 1, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A new list has named the top 33 hamburgers in the country, and one Milwaukee restaurant made the list., a food and travel website, has named Solly's "The Solly Burger" to the list.

"Often called 'the reason people in the Midwest are generally kind of fat', The Solly Burger is 1/3lb of 'juicy' (aka fatty) sirloin, mixed with butter, then fried on a flat grill for extra fat, then topped with onions stewed in presumably MORE fat, then put on an onion roll with -- you ready for this -- MORE F&$%ing BUTTER," the website said. "If it wasn't so delicious, it might be downright offensive"

Solly's started back in 1936. Its burgers are classic, with 100 percent sirloin, onions, plenty of butter and a special bun. Their not-so-secret ingredient is the 150 pounds of butter they use each week.

Glenn Fieber with Solly's said the restaurant was opened in 1936 by his stepfather Solly, or Kenneth Solomon.

"Restaurant work today is a very difficult business and when you get some accolades like this and you get a call from the biggest station in Milwaukee, it's a great honor and we appreciate it," Fieber said.

The burger hasn't changed much in the past 77 years, and it still holds the same ingredients Solomon loved: real sirloin and butter.

"We use real Wisconsin butter. When you put butter on any kind of food, you can ask any big chef, it provides a fantastic taste," Fieber added. We have been doing it since 1936, so we know how to do it. And we're very proud of this product."

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