Woman says mental health facility did nothing to stop sex assaults

CREATED Jun 28, 2013

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WEST ALLIS - It's a heartbreaking story: a woman checks herself into a mental health facility to be treated for depression and anxiety.

She tells TODAY’S TMJ4 that while she was there, she was sexually assaulted, and the staff did nothing to help her.

“I don't have any more words,” expresses Jaqueline Machagan. “It's hard to describe.  It's embarrassing."

Machagan checked herself in to Rodgers Memorial Hospital in West Allis, hoping to find healing.

But it's what happened there that's haunted her for months.

Court documents show Robert Hart grabbed her buttocks and began running his hands over her body.  Then he asked if he could lick her.

She told the hospital what happened, but claims staff did almost nothing.

“They didn't really do anything to detain him for two and a half hours. He was still walking around roaming the halls, and when I left, I heard of 10 women being assaulted by him,” shares Machagan.

Machagan told TODAY’S TMJ4 that she’s also a rape survivor.

“Of course it brings back a lot of things like trauma and dealing with that," says Machagan.

A hospital spokesperson states they can't comment on the case because of privacy laws.

Jaqueline tells us the staff didn't even separate Hart from the women.

She also tells us they asked her to sign a paper saying she wouldn't sue them. She refused to sign it.

“For that to happen, and for them to not acknowledge it, and for them to immediately ask me to sign a paper...I was appalled," notes Machagan.

Hart was to be sentenced on Monday for sexual assault charges.