Co-worker: Missing Milwaukee man's car found

CREATED Jun 26, 2013 - UPDATED: Jun 28, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A new discovery has happened in the search for a missing man who works in downtown Milwaukee.

A staff member with the Kohn Law firm, when Glenn Willis works, said Friday that police discovered his car on the city's south side.

The dire search for a missing man nears its third week, but there is hope Willis is still alive.

The 62-year old legal assistant has medical problems and his family fears he's in danger.

Days ago, there was a possibility Glenn Willis might have been in the Washington Park area.

"I noticed him because he was wearing tan pants and a big blue backpack," said Allisa Mathison.

She didn’t get a good look at the man’s face when she was walking near 50th and Vine before noon on Monday, but he appeared disoriented when she said good morning.

"He was really startled, and he mumbled something I couldn’t decipher."

A few minutes later she overheard the man asking another woman for directions.

Willis' elderly mother lives about two miles from Washington Park.

He hasn’t been seen since leaving his job at the Kohn Law firm in downtown Milwaukee on June 14.

Co-workers went through Washington Park and the surrounding neighborhood handing out flyers with hopes he may still be in the area.

"Pretty much the word around was that there wasn’t a whole lot of hope until we heard that he might be around here, heading towards his mother’s house," said co-worker Samantha Trokan.

Willis is diabetic and usually carries a backpack with him.

His glasses and wallet were later found outside his Astor Street apartment.

Mathison is confident the person she saw was Willis.

"I just hope they find him. It’s really sad. I hope they find him well and he’s able to get medical help."

Mathison called police after seeing stories about Glenn’s mysterious disappearance.

Police say they are following several leads.