Deputies make daring water rescue on White River

CREATED Jun 28, 2013

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LYONS - Two kayakers are safe after a dramatic rescue by sheriff's deputies on the White River.

On Wednesday, just before 4 p.m. the Walworth County Sheriff received a 911 call saying there was a trapped kayaker on the White River.

"Deputies located two persons pinned up against a large log about ½ mile from Sheridan Springs and Short Rd," according to Captain Scott McClory. "The current was very strong and the victims were obviously in distress. The female had a kayak overturn on her and the male had a canoe overturn on him while trying to rescue the female.

The woman's kayak had been swept down the river, and the man came across her in his canoe. According to McClory, the river was high because of recent rain.

"[The victim] was showing signs of distress and early onset of hypothermia," said McClory.

The woman was kayaking with three of her friends.

"[The man in the canoe] attempted to free the woman from the log, but his canoe became swamped and he became the second victim, now pinned against this same log."

Walworth County deputies gave instructions to the people the water, and sent down ropes and floatation devices. All were eventually taken out of the water.

The women on the river, as well as the man who attempted to help, were all checked out on the shore and released. The girl who lost her kayak was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and her condition is still unknown.