Crews up early preparing Summerfest grounds for the day

CREATED Jun 28, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It is day three of Summerfest. And even though the world's largest music festival is well underway, there's still plenty of preparation to do behind the scenes.

If you think of Summerfest as a storm, you might think of the pre-dawn hours as the calm before the storm. But you'd be wrong.

“To see the behind the scene works of how much goes into a fair and a festival and how much work and how many people it takes to get it going,” said John Brittich with Reinhart Food Service.

From post painting touch ups to baking flour drop off - the frenetic pace seems oxymoronic for an early hour.

It's like a big ant hill, you kick it and it erupts,” said Paul Johnson with Staff Electric. “Tons and tons of people come out gathering setting up, fixing, repairing, moving things and it's amazing how it all comes together.”

But there's a good feeling these guys get from knowing they're part of putting together one of the world's biggest parties.

So the next time you're out here taking a big bite out of one of your favorites, you might just appreciate things a little more.

Scott Steele contributed to this story.