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Transcript of Ben Sebena, detective's conversation after wife Jen's murder

CREATED Jun 27, 2013 - UPDATED: Jun 27, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - TODAY'S TMJ4 has exclusive new information about the man who killed his police officer wife from Wauwatosa.

It's a revealing but rambling two hour conversation between Ben Sebena and a Wauwatosa detective. He talks about his wife, his life and his struggles.

Sebena admitted killing his wife Jennifer on Christmas Eve.

She was shot multiple times in the face while working third shift.

But his first question on the transcript is:

Sebena: "Is she ok?"
Detective: "I'm, I'm sorry to tell you this, ok."

Sebena: "No. (Unintelligble words followed.)"
Detective: "She, she was killed."

Sebena : (Unintelligble words)
Detective: "Do you have any idea of anybody that would wanna harm her?"

Sebena: "Jen is the sweetest person in the world."

The Iraq war veteran tells the detective early in the conversation:

Sebena: "I have P-T-S-D and other (expletive) from Iraq......"

Soon after that he starts crying, swears, and asks:

Sebena: "(crying) (Expletive) What happened? Do you guys know?"
Detective: "No, we don't.  That's...what's...why we are trying to figure it out."

During a break in the conversation, Sebena smashes a table into pieces.

Later he is heard saying to himself: "How could I do that to her?"

Sebena's anger also comes out in a conversation he describes about an officer he claims was checking out his wife at a health club.

Sebena: "I dont give a (expletive) who you are. I'm like, 'Stop looking at my wife.' Then he's just like, 'You can't talk to an officer that way.' I'm like, 'I can talk to you however I (expletive) want to.  Stop looking at my wife.' "

But when talking about his wife, Ben breaks down saying she was...

Sebena: "The best. (Crying) She's always helping all the time, just trying to help me."

Michael Steinle, Sebena's lawyer, told the court the wording in the transcript is not completely accurate.

He also challenged the information because Sebena was not given his Miranda rights during that interview.

Two days later, Sebena confessed to killing his wife. That transcript is not available yet.

Sebena will be sentenced Aug. 9.