Passengers describe moments as Delta plane makes emergency landing

CREATED Jun 27, 2013 - UPDATED: Jun 28, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Minutes before a scheduled landing at Mitchell International Airport, the pilot of Delta flight 927 noticed an indicator light flashing in the cockpit. 

He immediately alerted his crew and passengers on board.
"The pilot came on as we were just starting our descent, and just said that we had some hydraulic problems, but rest assured, there are three systems in place and two which are functioning perfectly," said Mary Fraser, a passenger.

Those words "functioning perfectly" was all Fraser needed to hear.
"The fact that they kept calm, we kept calm."
Fraser was one of nearly 160 passengers on board the troubled plane.

Moments after the announcement, Fraser says the plane touched down on the tarmac.
"A big clunk when we landed as the tires hit," said Fraser.
As a precaution, the flight was greeted by a number of fire trucks on stand by.

Once everyone was safely off the plane, maintenance began the process of investigating the 757 aircraft.
A spokesperson for Delta told us, "Out of an abundance of caution, the captain elected to declare an emergency."