Man arrested for sexual assault of child at church

CREATED Jun 27, 2013

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MENOMONEE FALLS - It really is every parent's worst nightmare. Court documents detail an alleged sexual assault of a six-year-old girl inside a daycare Falls Baptist Church.

"The moment that we got wind that there an incident we called police even before the details," said Micah Shoultz, a teacher at the church.

Police arrested Austin Mucha after the alleged assault. According to court documents, the girl's mother made her return a pillow to the nursery. But when the girl didn't return quickly, her mother went to check on her. She found Mucha in a dark room with her daughter, who was naked.

"We just would have never suspected that this could happen at all," Shoultz said,

Court documents also said Mucha ran off when the girl's mother walked in, but was later caught by church members.

Police have video of the incident captured by security cameras in the hallways. Shoultz said Mucha isn't a member.

"He's a relative of some good folks in our church,” he explained. “So he was visiting.”

Court records also said Mucha told police he hears voices.

Mucha will be in court in July. If convicted, he faces up to 60 years behind bars.

Menomonee Falls Police don't believe there are any other victims.

Nick Montes contributed to this story.