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Storms still could strike in next couple days, as can lightning in unsuspected spots

CREATED Jun 26, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - There is still a chance for thunderstorms Thursday and Friday as the upper low pressure system slowly moving east holds a presence on the state.

Instability and plenty of moisture will allow a few pop-up thunderstorms across the state in the afternoon.

High temperatures will remain in the low-eighties for most of southeast Wisconsin, then drop into the seventies by the weekend and staying that way much of next week.

This is still Lightning Awareness Week, so let’s check a few myths about this dangerous weather element.

While the old expression that lightning never strikes the same place twice may make you feel safe, lightning actually does strike certain locations more than once, especially if it is a tall, pointy and isolated object.

The Empire State building in New York City gets struck nearly one hundred times each year.

Some feel that if it is not raining or there are no clouds directly overhead, you are safe from a lightning strike.

Lightning often strikes more than three miles from the center of the thunderstorm which can be well outside the rain shaft or even the cloud edge.

Some say if outside in a storm take shelter under a tree to stay dry.

The second leading cause of lightning deaths is people under trees trying to stay dry.