Dog chained, shot, left for dead at lakefront

CREATED Jun 25, 2013

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CUDAHY – Otto Roberts didn’t know what to think.

Out for a weekend run at Sheridan Park with two of his dogs, he discovered someone else's pet along the lakefront. The dog wasn’t moving much. Something wasn’t right.
"I could see blood on her front legs or whatever, so I ushered them back up the hill and called police right away," Roberts explained.

Once police and MADACC officers made it down to the shoreline, they found a female pit bull chained to the rebar on a jetty.  The dog was covered in blood.
Police found the pooch in good spirits, despite having a number of bullet wounds.

“She was actually wagging her tail. She seemed friendly," said Sgt. Randy Scheel of the Cudahy Police Department.

"I can't remember a call like that where a dog was chained to something and actually shot," he continued.

Emergency veterinarians did what they could, but the injuries were severe.  With no microchip or collar, there was no way to find the dog's owner.
"Since Milwaukee Animal Control had taken responsibility for it, we had to make the difficult decision to put the dog to sleep," explained Carolyn Jochman, who works at the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals.
Police hope residents will recognize the dog from the attached pictures and help investigators find the dog’s owner.