Rash of mailboxes destroyed in Mequon

CREATED Jun 24, 2013

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MEQUON - “This is intolerable.”

Diana Bartley has lived in the same Mequon neighborhood for a couple decades.

“This is a sleepy neighborhood," she says.

However, her sleepy neighborhood was awoken to the sound of sledgehammers smashing her mailbox.

“At about 11:30 p.m., I heard voices out on the street.  I heard slamming, but I didn’t know what it was,” Bartley explained.

When she walked up and down the street, she realized her mailbox wasn’t the only one that was destroyed.

“That one is now being held up by duct tape," she told TODAY'S TMJ4's Lacey Crisp.

Four mailboxes on Bartley’s street, and a couple more in the next subdivision were damaged.

“It would be good for that individual who broke it to be caught and pay restitution.  That might be a good lesson for them to learn,” said Rick Schaeffer.

As for Bartley, she has some tough words for the culprits, and perhaps for their parents.

“I ask the parents publicly, where were your adolescents last night?”

The police chief says so far they have no suspects, but this sort of thing happens a lot during the summer. 

Bartley is hoping the vandals are caught.