Seat pads, seat backs now allowed inside Lambeau Field

CREATED Jun 21, 2013

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  • Seat pads, and seat backs are allowed at games in Lambeau Field. Seat cushions with concealed pockets are banned. Image by NBC26 Staff

GREEN BAY - Staff in charge of security at Lambeau Field issued a clarification into the new safety changes issued by the NFL.

Some seat cushions will now be allowed inside the stadium on game days. Seat pads and seat backs are included. But cushions with concealed pockets will still be banned at Lambeau Field and other stadiums in the league.

The NFL made the change after the Boston Marathon bombings. The bombs were left in backpacks along the race route.

Backpacks were already banned at Lambeau. But now, you need to leave the big purses and bags at home.

Fans have the option of carrying items in a gallon-sized freezer bag.

Camera and computer bags are also banned from games.