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How can Potawatomi keep you safer after shooting on casino floor?

CREATED Jun 17, 2013

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MILWAUKEE – Questions are swirling about the way security officers handled a shooting at Potawatomi Bingo Casino.
Never before has a shooting taken place on the casino floor, according to a spokesman.  Patrons describe the scene as chaotic.

“All of a sudden, people started stampeding--that’s all I can say,” said Linda Schmit, who was at the casino when the shots rang out.

Schmit tried to leave with her husband at the height of the chaos. They became separated as confused customers pushed their way to the exits.

“I didn’t see any security, except what was around the blackjack tables, and they were all crouched down behind the blackjack tables along with the pit boss or whatever. There was no direction from security,” Schmit explained.

“We responded the way we were supposed to respond,” said Ryan Amundson, a spokesman for Potawatomi.

He tells TODAY'S TMJ4's Cody Holyoke that employees are trained to protect themselves and others, and get away from a threat as soon as possible.
"They’re supposed to take cover and report. They are supposed to keep guests away from that area. They are not armed, so they are not expected to intervene when a gun is brandished.”

Police arrived quickly, and medics treated the wounded.

Now, the concern lies with the procedures in place for the casino.

It’s illegal to bring guns inside.

Signs are posted at every entrance.

But as we saw, that doesn’t stop someone from bringing in a weapon.

"As many security measures as you put in place, you cannot guarantee that it’s not going to happen. It could happen anywhere.”

Cody reports tribal leadership met to discuss security measures today, and will be looking at what can be done here to better deal with the situation.