Testimony as 14-year-old accused of killing friend's great-grandmother

CREATED Jun 17, 2013

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SHEBOYGAN - Nathan Paape is on trial for murder as an adult at just 14 years old.

Prosecutors say Paape and his friend killed that friend's great-grandmother with a hatchet and hammer for money. 

However, defense attorneys aim to persuade the jury that friend Antonio Barbeau was the primary planner and attacker. 

"What Nate never told agent Wilson is that he ever intended to kill Barbara Olson," said defense attorney Christina Petros.

Paape's own mother testified that Barbeau begged her to drive the two teens to Sheboygan Falls the day of the murder.  Olson lived in that community.  Bobbie Paape described her son as a follower.

"He always tried to fit in with his peers," the defendant's mother said.

The elderly victim's daughter, Judy Offutt, told the court how she found the body wrapped in a blanket by a door in Olson's garage.

"As I walked closer to the blanket, I saw that her lower legs were sticking out of the blanket," Offutt said.

Jurors saw Pick 'N Save surveillance video. 

Prosecutors say it shows the boys buying wipes and gloves that they used to clean fingerprints off the car they stole from the great-grandmother.

Barbeau reached a plea deal before trial.  He is expected to take the stand in the Paape trial this week.

Barbeau and Paape were 13 years old when at the time of the crime in September 2012.