After Potawatomi Casino shooting, businesses review security procedures

CREATED Jun 17, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - As police investigate a shooting at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee, a local law enforcement expert says it's tough to guard against violence like that while trying to maintain an open atmosphere.

There's always a balance between security and being open to the public. But the move is toward more security, because of incidents like the shooting over the weekend.

“I remember being able to get on an airplane and not pass through security whatsoever,” said former Waukesha County Sheriff's detective Steve Pederson.

That's obviously changed. Pederson says the preference among law enforcement is that we'd go through metal detectors and get searched anywhere we go. But they understand that's not realistic.

“I don’t know if I want to be searched or go through the procedure of being searched every time I go some place,” Pederson added. “But then on the flip side you kind of understand the reason for it.”

Businesses around the area are now likely going to review their security, as often happens after something like this. Many will likely add more.