Walker discusses pulling Board of Regents nomination

CREATED Jun 14, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Governor Scott Walker is talking about his administration's decision to pull a candidate's nomination to the UW Board of Regents. 

The decision to pull Josh Inglett's nomination came a day after the website Right Wisconsin reported Inglett had signed a recall petition against the Governor.

The Governor says it wasn't just the recall petition, "It's larger than that.  But again, I don't wanna get into details with him.  We're just going to stay focused on the fact that we're withdrawing that," Governor Walker told 620WTMJ's Jon Byman.

"For us we think there's other more viable candidates that allows the regents, all the appointees we make to focus on our priorities which are freezing tuition and improving the quality of the education in the University of Wisconsin System.  This would have distracted from that," the Governor said.

Walker says he will find a new candidate to submit.