Could Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage affect Wisconsin?

CREATED Jun 14, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The U.S. Supreme Court's latest round of rulings didn't include two major decisions on gay marriage set to come out this month.

That has court watchers assuming those rulings will come late in the month.  One of them could affect Wisconsin.

One of the two rulings set to come out this month involves California's Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage.

"There is the potential that it could affect Wisconsin, but that's not likely," explained Marquette law professor Janine Geske.

The issue will be the scope of the ruling. 

While the court may allow gay marriage, it may only affect the people involved in the case, or the state of California.

"People are thinking the U.S. Supreme Court is not likely, in an opinion with five justices,  to find a constitutional right to marry at this point," claimed Geske.

Although it could.

If it did, Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage would become unconstitutional.

Jay Sorgi contributed to this report.