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Seniorfest keeps Milwaukee's seniors active and dancing

CREATED Jun 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Seniorfest is underway in Milwaukee. the event is a day to honor our elders, and keep them active.

Dance partners John Pinter and Lynn Harvancik love a good polka to get them up and moving, and they're both 77 years old.

"He's much older,” said Harvancik. “His birthday is a couple of months ahead of mine."

They've been coming to Seniorfest for years.

Located at Serb Hall, Seniorfest offers beneficial resources to help our elders, as well as bingo, dancing and dartball.

"We've got some really intense dartball teams that enjoy the competition so there's really something for everyone," according to recreation coordinator Annie Mcginnity Kubes.

John and Lynn come for the music. They say that's their secret.

"We keep on going,” said Pinter. “That's what keeps us young is this dancing."

"I think the trick to life is really to just keep moving, Harvancik adds. “Move your hands move whatever you can move. Keep moving."

Seniorfest is an annual event put on by Milwaukee Recreation.