Investigation into Oconomowoc house fire

CREATED Jun 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Jun 12, 2013

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OCONOMOWOC-- A mansion in Oconomowoc is a total loss after a huge house fire.

A wall of flames is what Stephanie Zindl saw from the driveway of her Oconomowoc home Monday night.

It was just like raining ashes, I had to grab the first shoes I saw," said Zindl. 

She then grabbed a hose to help put out the embers flying into her yard from the home falling apart across the street.

"It was like we watched room after room catch on fire, then the front window burst through and tons of other ones," Zindl said. 

The home is a total loss, with damage estimates topping 800-thousand dollars. The investigation is just as substantial, involving local and federal authorities. Though fire officials say there's no reason to read into that.

"It's a major loss fire so we routinely do use the resources of the State Fire Marshall's office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms," said deputy chief Glenn Leidel, of the Oconomowoc fire department. 

The deputy fire chief says that they are still working on the cause, but have not ruled anything out, including arson. He made it clear it's important their investigation leave no doubts.

"It is very detailed work and we have to do it very meticulously and carefully," said Leidel.

On Wednesday, the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department said that Yobi Islami owns the house.

 Neighbors say they think the owners were out of town. As of Tuesday night, authorities were still working on notifying some family members.