Person in custody after thief stole car with 8-year-old boy inside

CREATED Jun 11, 2013 - UPDATED: Jun 12, 2013

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FOND DU LAC - Fond du Lac Police tell TODAY'S TMJ4 that they have a person in custody Wednesday after noon following a van stolen with an eight-year-old boy inside.

The van involved was apparently locaed in West Allis.

Frantic moments unfolded Monday when a mom from Fond du Lac discovered her van, and her  son, had vanished!

Holly Jaschob didn't know what hit her.

"The next thing was that maybe he hit the shift lever and went forward or backward," Jaschob said.

She brought her kids to the store Monday night, but her son, Eli, forgot to bring his shoes. Jaschob left him in the car with the air conditioning on, and went inside.

"I could have sworn I locked the door,” she said. “But being that the car was running, I don't know if the safety mechanism ended up popping it back open when I shut the door."

The eight-year-old laid down in the back, playing a video game on his mom's phone.

He didn't see this man, who hopped in the family van and sped off.

Eli's mom called her phone, which spooked the driver.

"He just turned back because the phone was ringing,” Eli said. “He said, 'get out!' and I got out."

Surprised to find the precious payload in the back of the van, the thief pulled over at this intersection and let Eli out. That was the last time anyone saw the man.

Police are now on the case, but Holly Jaschob is just glad her son is safe.