Wisconsin still divided one year after recall

CREATED Jun 5, 2013

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  • Republican Gov. Scott Walker addresses supporters at his election night rally in Waukesha. Image by Rick Wood

MILWAUKEE - Today marks one year since the historic recall election in Wisconsin against Governor Walker.  The bitter campaign preceded by the fight over collective bargaining divided this state.

Now, a year later, a guy who tracks the political mood of the state thinks that while the rhetoric has calmed down, the divisions are still strong.

"Wisconsin remains by all kinds of measures far more polarized than practically any other state in the nation," said Marquette University Political Scientist Charles Franklin.

When it comes to our political mood, Franklin says we're still frozen in time.  "The Governor's approval rating is in between 49 and 51 for the last 14 months.  It's hardly changed at all since the recall."

The longest lasting effect may be how things get done in Madison.  Lately, it's been tough to find issues the two sides can agree on.  "If there's no middle, the do we just sea-saw between extremes rather than see politics of at least some level of moderation?"