State officials to request funding to contain 'significant tuberculosis outbreak' in Sheboygan Co.

CREATED Jun 3, 2013

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MADISON - The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has announced they will be requesting state funding to assist with efforts to contain a "significant tuberculosis outbreak" in Sheboygan County.

“Rapid diagnosis and effective treatment are the essential public health tools needed not only to save the lives of individuals with TB, but also to stop transmission of TB infection and disease within the Sheboygan community and beyond,” said Dr. Henry Anderson, State Health Officer.

“This urgent situation in Sheboygan County requires additional support in order to contain the outbreak and make sure individuals with active TB are successfully treated,” said Governor Scott Walker, “You can’t put a price on ensuring the safety of the public and this is one of those situations. I encourage the committee to approve the motion.”

According to Jennifer Miller with DHS, the case in Sheboygan includes an "unusually high" number of cases, including a multi-drug resistant case.

"All those diagnosed with TB disease are in treatment and are isolated at their homes or in the hospital," Miller said.