Oklahoma tornado reminds Eagle residents of the tornado that hit their town

CREATED May 21, 2013 - UPDATED: May 21, 2013

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EAGLE - The tornados in Oklahoma are bringing back memories for those in Eagle. A tornado tore through that town nearly three years ago.

Bill Kane is a lifelong Eagle resident. He and his house survived the Eagle tornado, and is closely following the tornado in Oklahoma.

"I know what those people are going through," Kane said. "I did it. Not as bad though."

The Eagle tornado twisted 11 towering trees in Kane's yard.

“I remember our tornado, coming outside, seeing the destruction," he added.

In most of Eagle, it's hard to tell that there was a devastating tornado nearly three years ago. At Old World Wisconsin, they are actually preserving some of the damage as a part of a learning experience.

"The new exhibits we'll be creating will take the landscape the tornado damage still exists and
use it in a positive way,” said Daniel Freas, Director of Old World Wisconsin.

Kane said he doesn't think he could go through a second tornado, and that his thoughts are with those, especially the kids, in Oklahoma.

“It's a life changing event,” he said.

Bill said it was amazing how this community came together to help each other, even strangers came to help. He hopes that same thing happens in Oklahoma.