Police worried high school game could turn deadly

CREATED May 20, 2013 - UPDATED: May 20, 2013

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BROOKFIELD - Teenagers with guns have been running around naked and breaking into homes. They say it's just a game, but police aren't playing around.

The game is called assassin or paranoia. It started out with high school students shooting each other with Nerf guns.

Now, the game has added public nudity and breaking and entering to the rules. Police say they are breaking the law.

"I’m so shocked to hear this," said neighbor Elsie Gessay.

Elsie Gessay has lived in her Brookfield home for 59 years and can't believe what happened on her street. Two high school boys, naked, were waiting to shoot another student with a Nerf gun.

Kids across southeast Wisconsin say it's just a game. Here's how it works: students get on teams and try to shoot the competition.

But recently, they've added new rules: people without clothes are off limits. And it's okay to break into someone's house to get them.

"Everyone just thinks it's pretty funny, no one really cares about it,” said student Peter Murphy, Jr.

Murphy is a junior at Brookfield Central, where the game is so popular, TODAY’S TMJ4 found pages in last year's yearbook outlining the rules and even showing a student playing it.

Other students including Jake Walker, a senior at Brookfield East, don’t think the game is a good idea.

Police agree, and sent a letter to parents saying they're not playing around and will enforce the law. They said there was one incident in which a teen broke into the wrong house, and if that homeowner had been armed, it could have been deadly.

Mostly 17 and 18-year-olds are participating in the game. Police say that makes them adults, and they'll be prosecuted as adults.