Elderly woman beaten at her home in Milwaukee

CREATED May 20, 2013

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MILWAUKEE -  It’s a senseless crime: a 71-year-old woman savagely attacked as she was sharing the gospel on her front porch.

Police report a man hit her in the head with a metal object, and then ran off into the night. Betty Hernandez was standing on her front porch when a man attacked her.

The suspect in this vicious attack is still on the loose. Now the victim is in the hospital recovering.

“Maybe someone was against her ministry or didn’t agree with her ideology,” wonders neighbor Carole Englander. “However that doesn’t give someone cause to beat someone else up. That’s vicious.”

Englander tells states the neighborhood is pretty safe. But now this attack’s got her shaken up.

Someone hit the 71-year-old Betty Hernandez in the head with a metal pipe. It was one in the morning.

“My guess is that it’s a random thing,” muses her tenant Robert Dwyer. “This lady prays for people in the streets and a lot of people have told her to be careful and not to go up to just anybody, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.”

Dwyer is betty’s tenant. He heard the commotion, but when he ran out, it was too late. All he saw was a man already running down the street.

“At first she yelled at me to get back in but I felt kind of uncomfortable leaving her unattended. Then when I came back she was on the ground," adds Dwyer.

He visited her in the hospital. He tells me she still can't speak, but she can move her hands. He’s hoping she recovers soon.

Police told TODAY'S TMJ4 that they’re still looking into why someone would do this.

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male around six feet tall. He’s reported to have a thin build and a noticeable limp.