Gas prices continue to fluctuate throughout the area

CREATED May 17, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Drivers have been noticing that gas prices are fluctuating throughout our area, and they're hoping to find some relief soon.

Kendra Jackson was almost out of gas while looking for the cheapest price on Milwaukee’s north side. But, she ended up paying more at the pump anyway.

"I stopped by some other gas stations and [saw] $3.80 to $3.60. And I was low so I had to go for the $3.99," Jackson said.

She says it's hard to keep up with gas prices the way they are.

"They're going up, dropping, going up," she say.

The south side is no exception to the roller coaster of prices. We found gas a bit cheaper at $3.82 for a gallon of regular.

“Well the main reason you see gasoline prices vary across a local area is usually due to the cost of operations," John Felmy with the American Petroleum Institute says.

Felmy says there are many factors as to why gas prices are higher in one part of the city than others, such as location. Even what competitors charge could be an influence.

"If you have a high volume seller like a Costco, they tend to have prices as low as possible to get you in the store," he says.

But Felmy says the main reason for what's driving gas prices so high right now is the increasing cost of crude oil, and switching from winter to summer grades of reformulated gas. That has some drivers like Kendra Jackson cutting back until prices come down.

"I'm going to have to say going out is a drag now. Well it's being cut to a minimum because of gas prices," Jackson says.

Since it's hard to tell when gas prices will go down, experts suggest checking your air pressure in your tires, do your shopping on gas prices - and also plan your trips.