Greenfield Petco robbery caught on video

CREATED May 16, 2013

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GREENFIELD - A pet store might seem like an unusual place to rob. But the suspect told police it was a simple decision: because they were open.

Surveillance video from Petco shows a masked man storming through the front door. The frightened employee drops his mop and puts his hands up. The suspect hides behind a black umbrella, demands money, and then ties up two employees.

Police reports state the suspect kicked one of them. Another employee manages to call 911.

When police arrive, the suspect starts running south. But as the dash cam shows, he was quickly overpowered as cops surrounded him, guns drawn.

He was then led away in handcuffs. When asked how he got to the store, he stated, "I rode my bike down there."

The suspect also explains he doesn't know how much money was stolen because the police took the money from him.

One employee has some marks on his arm and wrists from the zip tie but he is okay. The suspect hasn’t been charged yet. But he did tell police he thought they did a good job.