Bomb plot uncovered at Wauwatosa East High School

CREATED May 10, 2013 - UPDATED: May 10, 2013

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WAUWATOSA - More than 50 pages of police reports detail a plot by two teens to maim and kill their classmates at Wauwatosa East High School.

Police released the reports Friday morning, after rumors of a bomb threat circulated in the community for two weeks.

The plot was exposed when a classmate overheard the two teens discuss a plan to put a small bomb in a stairwell that would "lead people to where a bigger bomb was placed."

Police moved quickly on the two plotters after the student came forward.

Officers seized computers, cellphones and materials the plotters described as ingredients for their homemade devices.

In interviews, the two students reference both the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut and Boston marathon bombing. They told detectives they considered using suicide bombs.

One of the plotters called this plan "the kamikaze," according to the police reports. In that plan, the student "would walk in with a bunch of bombs and blow himself up."

The other student told police he wanted to set off the first bomb on the high school's graduation day and planned to put the bombs in a stairwell because there are no cameras there.

The two had a total of four different plans to attack the school.

One told police he tried to make gun powder in his bedroom, and they researched how to make a bomb on the internet.

Police have not released information on the suspects, and whether they have been arrested.

Milwaukee County prosecutors would not say what, if any charges were pending.