Baby born in West Bend hospital's parking lot

CREATED May 9, 2013 - UPDATED: May 9, 2013

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CEDARBURG - This is one Mother's Day a Cedarburg family will never forget. A woman in labor, leaving her husband in a mad dash to get her to the hospital. But their baby girl had plans of her own.

Mallie Propst knows how to make an entrance. It was midnight back in March when Mallie's mom Courtney woke up with contractions. Mallie wasn't messing around.

"He came in, my husband Chad, to ask me if we needed to go to the hospital and I said I don't think I can make it at that point," said Courtney Propst.

They got going as fast as they could, but it wasn't long before Chad knew they didn't have much time.

"My wife's water broke in the car and that's when I knew things were getting escalated. So I kind of put my pedal to the metal," Chad Propst remembered.

All while keeping Courtney calm.

"He kept saying 'You can do it, you can make it'," Courtney said. "He kept giving me updates. ‘We have two minutes to go.’"

Meanwhile at St. Joe's in West Bend, they had their gear ready to go.

"I had all the girls get ready, had the delivery cart set up," said nurse Sarah Lynch.

Lynch is a delivery nurse at St. Joe's. She stayed on the phone with Chad the whole wild ride.

"I could really tell from the stages of labor she was in that it was going to happen right away," she said.

Sure enough, when the car pulled up and they opened the door, "It was happening," Lynch remembered.

About a minute later, Mallie arrived, happy, healthy, and with quite a tale to tell.

Courtney and Chad want to say a big thank you to the nurses and staff at St. Joe's for all they did to help them.