Big changes coming to many Wisconsin intersections

CREATED May 9, 2013

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BROOKFIELD - You may have noticed a change at intersections all across Southeastern Wisconsin.

Many now have a flashing yellow turn signal.  It's causing confusion for some drivers.

"The flashing yellow is the equivalent of a yield sign in front of you in that intersection," said Michael Pyritz of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

"Certainly when people see it for the first time, it can catch them off guard."

However, it's rewarding once you understand how it works.

Click here for a DOT simulation of the flashing yellow turn signal to see how it works.

"It allows people to go through at a little safer situation.  We don't want people racing through on a solid yellow arrow trying to beat the light change," said Pyritz.

He also says it keeps traffic flowing.

"That does more than just one or two cars to get through for every light cycle."

According to Pyritz, if you haven't experienced one yet, chances are that you will soon.

"The number of lights and intersections that now have this system is growing at a very steady rate, and you're going to be seeing more and more of this type of technology as we move forward."

One example includes the intersection of Brookfield and Bluemound Roads.

The DOT says crashes have dropped 35 percent since making changes there.