Bartolotta brings awareness to nonprofit helping homeless teens

CREATED May 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - If you drive by the Northpoint Custard Stand at the lake front, you may notice something a bit odd. Five beds have been placed on top of the hamburger joint and the once pink spots are being painted black.

Each year, the Bartolottas chooses a non-profit organization to spotlight at Northpoint to help increase awareness. This year they chose Pathfinders Milwaukee, hoping to highlight homeless youth in Milwaukee. They decided to catch people's eye with the beds, which were symbolically mounted on the roof.

"It's kind of an invisible issue,” said Dan Magnuson, president of Pathfinders. “About 600 kids under the age of 18, in Milwaukee, on any given night are looking for a place to stay. There's only 16 emergency beds and we're all about trying to do something about that."

The custard stand will feature a new drink called "Bed Head", which all the proceeds go to Pathfinders Milwaukee.

Northpoint doesn't open until May 18 though, so you'll have to wait until then to try it.