Police hope Cleveland case re-energizes Alexis Patterson search

CREATED May 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The case of three missing girls who were found alive after being held captive for years is re-energizing a well known missing person's case in Milwaukee.

Alexis Patterson disappeared May 3rd, 2002 from Milwaukee's west side.  There's been no trace of her since.

11 years later, Milwaukee Police officers are still looking for her.  "We're receiving tips on a weekly basis," said Lt. Keith Balash.

Police check out all those tips.  "Our department has literally traveled statewide investigating and looking at each and every tip, but we've been all over the country," Balash said.

Balash hopes the story in Cleveland breathes new life into the search for Alexis.  "Those types of incidents obviously re-energize the interest in the disappearance of Alexis Patterson."

"This was one of our most precious treasures in life, a young person.  We owe it to her and her family to come up with some answers and hopefully find her some day," Balash said.

If you have a tip, no matter how insignificant you think it might be, police want to hear from you.  You can call the cold case unit at 414-935-1212.