Three kidnapped women found alive brings hope to Milwaukee case

CREATED May 7, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The discovery of three kidnapped women in Cleveland is the talk of the country.

And it has those who've spent years searching for Alexis Patterson and other missing children in Wisconsin, filled with renewed hope.

"Three parents nightmares..their wish has come true."

When Christopher Schwartz first heard the news out of Cleveland he had a brief moment of anticipation: A woman, found after she'd been missing for 10 years.

"I right away thought maybe this was Alexis Patterson," he said.

As more details emerged he knew that hope would have to wait.

Schwartz founded "Operation Locate Our Children" after Patterson disappeared 11 years ago while walking to Hi-Mount Elementary school at 49th and Garfield.

"I thought to myself, 'if my kid was missing, what would I do?"

He spent the last decade helping Alexis' family and the family of other missing children, chase leads.

A large poster of Alexis still hangs in his window.

"Everyday I think about Alexis and I've always got hope that one day we're going to turn on the news and hear something or someone's going to come forward with the little bit of information that we need to put some closure in this case," Schwartz said.

He added that the case in cleveland of three women found after they were abducted a decade ago reminds us to be vigilant.

"We can't assume kids 15,16, 17 years old with problems at home are running away," Schwartz said.

And, he'd argue we can't assume the worst either.

"I believe she's [Alexis] is still alive and ready to be found."