Stocks soar; where are the jobs?

CREATED May 7, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Dow is near the psychological mark of 15,000.  The S&P 500, a broader market measure, closed Monday at a record high.  But it doesn't feel quite so bullish on main street.

That's because jobs haven't followed the market's rise.

Chris Layden with Milwaukee based Manpower says the market is healthy and isn't going backwards.  But, he says the job creators he talks to aren't quite as optimistic as the traders right now.

"They are still cautious.  They see the volatility in the labor market in Europe in particular and that volatility makes them cautious," Layden said.

"They're not seeing consistent demand and they're waiting for consistent demand before they start hiring more robustly."

This is the time of year when a lot of young people will start thinking about what path they want to take in College.  Layden says there are some sectors that are doing better than others.

"Majors around computer science, engineering, nursing related fields and health sciences, we're seeing a lot of demand for that, actuarial science as well."

And Layden points out, you don't need four years of college to get a good job.  "If we look at 10 of the hardest jobs to fill in the United States, jobs like mechanics, machinists, machine operators, skilled trades workers, a lot of those roles don't require a four year degree," Layden said.