Millions of bugs swarm lakefront

CREATED May 5, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Millions of bugs have taken over Milwaukee's Lakefront. The invasion has people running for cover. But are they a health hazard?

Most people call  them lake flies but they're really called Midges and there are millions of them swarming the lakefront in large mysterious looking clouds.

"It's like a cloud of darkness," said Tom Penn.

Penn stopped to take pictures. He lives on the lakefront. "Look at the waves and they seem to hang by the trees."

Entomologist Ted Snyder tells us by telephone the lake flies are very common but a late spring may have a created a larger population than normal in a shorter time span. This is their mating season.

No fun for joggers. Snyder says the Midges breed in open water but they don't bite and they don't carry any diseases.

"It's just really phenomenal," said Marcus Derrosso. "We were for a walk just a little bit further down and they were everywhere."

Derrosso also stopped to take pictures but decided not to get off  his car.

"We are trying to hurry up and get a picture because they started coming into the car, look how they close they are?"

Snyder says the best way to get rid of the flies is to wait. They should be gone in a few days.