"Revenge Porn" is a growing problem in Southeast Wisconsin

CREATED May 1, 2013 - UPDATED: May 1, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It takes just seconds to snap a revealing picture and send it to a boyfriend or girlfriend. But what happens when the romance fizzles? There's a new growing trend called "revenge porn" and it's extremely difficult to stop it.

Hollie Toups doesn't mind sharing certain photos with the world. She has a personal Facebook page where she posts many pics. But via skype, the Texas native recalls the day her most revealing and private photos, taken for someone special, wound up on the internet for all to see.

"I was like front cover of the website," Toups says.

The photos were showcased on a website called Texxxan.com. The site is no longer operating.

"Not knowing who did this to you is even more frustrating," Toup explains. She says some of the photos she never sent anyone.

And Toups is not alone. Hundreds of compromising pictures still remain on adult websites. On YouGotPosted.com, TODAY'S TMJ4 discovered many nude photos of girls from Kenosha, Beaver Dam, and New Berlin. People can upload photos annoymously, without consent. Then, even provide a link to a person's personal Facebook page.

Now Toups is getting revenge of her own. She hired an attorney intending to sue everyone who posted her photos online without her consent. Her attorney has this message for those seeking revenge:

"You will be as vulnerable as the women you victimize," says attorney, John Morgan.

There's also websites like TakeDownHammer.com, that say it will remove those provocative photos from the internet. But it comes at a price. Some charge close to $300.