Walker: Bucks now biggest target for possible Seattle ownership

CREATED Apr 30, 2013 - UPDATED: Apr 30, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - According to a Journal Sentinel article, a professor with the University of Vermont who also works on NBA TV predicts that the Bucks will more likely stay in Milwaukee, and not move to a city like Seattle.

But such perceived likelihood doesn't change the fact that the Bucks are now the most targeted team for potential owners who want to move it to their city, according to the article's writer, Don Walker.

"Milwaukee will continue to be raised as the town that might lose the franchise to Seattle," said Walker on Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."

"What's important to note, now that Seattle has lost Sacramento, Chris Hansen, who was willing to spend big money not only for a new arena but to entice a team to come here, every time he opens his mouth, people are going to mention the city of Milwaukee.  They seem to be the low hanging fruit."

Hansen has said he's going to continue to fight for the Sacramento Kings, or other "numerous options at our disposal," as he told Seattle in an open letter.

Bucks owner Herb Kohl has said for nearly a decade that he is unwilling to sell his team to an owner who would not keep it permanently in Milwaukee.

"In reality, it may not be able to be as easy as it sounds," explained Walker.

"I think he can say that, and everyone should be willing to believe him, but the most competitive world of sports, no owner is going to be able to guarantee that.  If a potential owner buys the team from Senator Kohl and says he wants to keep it in Milwaukee, I don't see any way that that person could be held back to moving it to a more lucrative.  Perhaps that's Seattle, perhaps that's Las Vegas."

Has Walker heard of any potential owners from the Milwaukee area who could buy the majority of a stake in the team?

"To be honest, no.  However, these kinds of people, I believe, are out there in the Milwaukee area.  You heard a couple of weeks ago, the owner of the Minnesota Wild who has Wisconsin connections (Racine's Craig Leipold) expressing support for at least being part of keeping a team in Milwaukee. Beyond that, it's anyone's guess."