New information in a disturbing case of sexual contact between kids at a local daycare

CREATED Apr 25, 2013

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CEDARBURG - Court documents are shedding light on what allegedly happened at the Family Tree Learning Center in Cedarburg, and the details are graphic.

The suspect is12 years old, and his alleged victim is only 4. The victim's mother is distraught and wants the case to come to a quick close.

According to court documents, the 12-year-old boy offered candy to a four-year-old boy if he would let him touch his penis. The 12-year-old then pulled his pants down and asked the 4-year-old to perform a sex act, which he did. The 4-year-old said his attacker told him to keep it a secret.

That 12-year-old has been charged with sexual assault and was immediately removed from his home. The court said keeping him there would've been "contrary to the juvenile's welfare."

Back at the daycare, the sign that was out front earlier this week has been replaced by another. But it looks like nothing's changed. Items can still be seen in the windows and toys are still on the ground outside.

We tracked down the address for the woman listed on the license. She wasn't there, but a man who was in the yard told us to leave.

Court documents only mention the one victim. However, police believe there's at least one more out there.