Milwaukee Police undergo training to deal with imminent threats

CREATED Apr 25, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A police officer from Milwaukee shot and killed a man on the northwest side Wednesday night.

James Coleman died, but police say Coleman lunged at the officer who then fired his gun.

We asked Milwaukee Police to talk to us about what happened Wednesday night, and they offered to show us the kind of training officers go through in such dangerous situations.

Police officers are trained to shoot until they stop the threat.

“An officer uses deadly force when that's the last viable option to stop the threat of death or great bodily harm,” said Sergeant Justin Sebestyen.

Officers face more challenges when they make house calls. In the smaller space of a bedroom or kitchen, it’s much easier to close the distance with a deadly weapon.

The victim's family says there was no need for deadly force and claim Coleman didn't charge at the officers.

“This guy shot my nephew four times," says Coleman’s uncle, Alonzo Macklin.

But police say when an officer is confronted with a deadly weapon, he has a right to stop that threat.

The officer who shot the suspect has been placed on administrative duty. The incident is being investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department and the District Attorney's office.