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Local couple shares their weight loss surgery success story

CREATED Apr 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Apr 23, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - When we first met local couple Fred and Becca last September, they had big goals for this summer.

"There's a lot of stuff we want to do," Becca explained. "Go hiking, and kayaking, mountain-biking. All the stuff we used to do 10 years ago, so looking forward to that."

After years of struggling with their weight, the couple had lap band weight loss surgery together at Aurora hospital.  Today, they're looking and feeling great.

"You don't realize how even losing a little bit of weight makes a huge difference on how you feel," Becca explains.

For the new Fred, yardwork is a welcome relief.

"I'm looking forward to being out here, in the yard, doing my work," he said. "We've got a garden box I've got to fill.  That dirt's not gonna lift itself and go in there."

And about that vacation Becca was talking about, Becca said: "We got some kayaks, and this summer we're gonna go up to Fort Atkinson area and do some kayaking on the Rock River, things like that."

Fred and Becca have lost about 100 pounds collectively so far. Not only do they look better, Becca is off her high blood pressure meds, and Fred's cholesterol has gone down. But it hasn't been easy.

"There's nothing easy about it, a lot of adjustment, changing everything. Every idea of food you've ever had your entire life, and that's all ingrained really deeply in all of us, from childhood," Becca explains.

To maintain their weight loss, the couple dries their own fruit, and eats small portions.  It's a constant team effort.

"I dont think we could have done it individually, I think we had to do it together in order to make it work," Fred admits.

They plan to keep working together on this journey, and have a message for others.

"Figure out why it is you need to have this. It's not easy, it's a big adjustment, a huge commitment, but if you're really motivated, I don't think it will be difficult to stay on track," she said.

Another key to success for the couple: No soda, and lots of protein! They say getting used to their new diet has been easier than they thought it would be, and they don't even miss the foods they used to eat in the past.