BBB warns of Boston Marathon charity scams

CREATED Apr 23, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau is warning against scammers in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. 

"The biggest problem is that we're all concerned about what happened in Boston, and we want people to give with their hearts, but use their heads," said Ran Hoth, the president and CEO of the Wisconsin BBB.

"Don't fall for a Twitter account or Facebook that opens up which promises to give money to one of the victim's families."

He says scammers tend to come out of the woodwork any time there's a major disaster or tragedy, like the Boston Marathon bombings.
"The first scam came out of the box early on with a fake Twitter account, where people would re-tweet and money would be given to Boston Marathon victims.  That's been shut down," said Hoth.

Hoth says you should only give to a known charity. 

You can verify whether a charity is legitimate by going to