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Large carryover fund found in UW system budget

CREATED Apr 22, 2013 - UPDATED: Apr 22, 2013

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MADISON - With a newly discovered fund in the University of Wisconsin's budget, many are asking what it means to them? Karen Herzog with the Journal Sentinel joins us to discuss what it means and how legal it is.

What's the actual unrestricted carryover: $650 million or $207 million? What's the acceptable or recommended percentage-of-budget carryover a university system should have to be fiscally responsible and meet commitments that may not match up exactly with the state’s fiscal year? What percentage do other large university systems carryover? Some campuses, most notably Madison, had their own large carryovers. How much carryover has UW had in the past? And who are the CPA Caucus members who raised this issue?