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Flooding concerns persist in Waterford

CREATED Apr 22, 2013

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WATERFORD - The Fox River has risen to a high level Monday, and though it's sunny there, there are a lot of flooding concerns.

"This is actually on the front of the house," said Dan Strope, who lives along the Fox River in Waterford.

He has pictures of major floods that surrounded his home five years ago.

"My canoe was around the side of the get around the yard, anyway," said Strope.

Strope's home has not received any damage, but his backyard has some flooding.

His fence had some damages, but Strope explained "we can live with those."

Some of his neighbors aren't so lucky.

Water went so far over its banks that it reached a garage in Waterford.

"It went up to the highest level that we've seen so far over the weekend," said Waterford Police Chief Tom Ditscheit.  "It's now on the way down.

Still, the town remains under a state of emergency.

"We had anticipated the flooding so we essentially got all the sandbags in place before any flooding started," said Ditscheit.

Strope is keeping an eye on the river with forecasted rain later this week.

"When you hear about heavy rain, we think about it, we keep it in mind."