Residents near the Fox River watching water line creep near their homes

CREATED Apr 18, 2013

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WATERFORD - Homeowners know it is too late to save their backyards from the rising Fox River, but hope low walls of sandbags will keep the water from invading their homes.

In addition to warning residents the river could rise higher than it did in 2008, the village is offering them free sandbags.

Dean Anderson welcomed the sandbags, but remains optimistic the river will recede.

“I’m hoping that they’re wrong,” said Anderson. “I would not want to see that again.”

Anderson has lived with the river as his neighbor for the last 54 years. It has crept as high as his back door only three times, and a flood worse than 2008 would mean water inside his home.

Further south, the Fox River has swallowed a park in the heart of Burlington,

Police erected barricades on streets along the riverfront, deterring gawkers from driving past homes in the path of creeping water.

“It has definitely been rising since I got home about five,” Margo Griesman said. “It’s gone up quite a bit.”

While the water level here is not as high as its 2008 worst, Griesman said it is more than her three sump pumps can handle.

Water has made it into her basement despite the pumps non-stop efforts to keep the house dry.