Milwaukee man was yards from Boston Marathon explosions

CREATED Apr 17, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - "We must have been right in the middle of the park and just missed it," said Matt Burzon, a spectator at the finish line of the Boston Marathon when two deadly explosions rocked the area on Monday.

Burzon just moved from Milwaukee to Boston.

"You're saying, 'What if we had made a left turn instead of taking a right?  What if the subway was open and they decided to go down into the subway and cause chaos?' "

As a tribute of flowers and cards grows along a barricade in the finish line area, those who remain in the city are anxious to know who did this, and when they'll be caught.

"A lot of people I know in Boston are working from home.  They're not quite ready to go downtown into the financial district.  The last time I felt anything like this was September 11th."